Orbis Real Estate


Orbis Real Estate is a subsidiary of Orbis Holding. It groups together all subdivision, development and real estate development activities, as well as the management and operation of a real estate portfolio via its property company.

With the strategic objectives of developing high value-added projects, renewing a high-quality land base and strengthening real estate assets related to property, Orbis Real Estate will position itself as a promotional and asset management actor real estate specializing in medium and high standing in Moroccan cities with high potential.

The real estate sector is a key activity in the Moroccan economy with huge investments and a national policy encouraging its development. Nevertheless, the market is experiencing some volatility caused in part by a decorrelation between supply and demand.
The challenge facing private and public players today is an adaptation to customers and purchasing methods by offering them quality products that meet their needs perfectly, all at competitive prices.

For this reason, ORBIS Real Estate innovates in order to adapt to changes in the market and the needs of its customers. It is distinguished by its creative projects that contribute to the transformation of the Moroccan urban landscape through new products that respect the principles of sustainable development and ecological urbanism.

Our fields of activity

Orbis Real Estate is developing several projects nationwide:

  • Jad Fès project: commercialization of R + 2 residential and commercial plots of land in Fez.
  • Lotissement Al Massira project: commercialization of lots of land R + 2 residential and commercial in Meknes.
  • Jawharat Toulal project: Apartments in Meknes with 2 and 3 bedrooms as well as commercial premises.
  • Abwab Toulal Project: R+4 building in Meknes as well as commercial premises.
  • Val d’Or project: sale of lots of land for villas and high standing residential buildings.

Several other projects are under construction to meet the growing need of our clientele for housing and living spaces.

Jad Fez Project

Jad Fez Project

Commercialization of lots of land R + 2 residential and commercial

Toulal project, Meknès

Toulal project

Commercialization of lots of land R + 2 residential and commercial

Val d'Or Project, Rabat

Val d'Or Project

Commercialization of lots of land for villas and luxury housing buildings

Key figures

  • MORE THAN 1000
  • 4 Projects
    in the course of commercialization
  • 2 Projects coming soon
    on the market
  • Present on
    3 cities

Our other fields of activity