CSR Commitment

Since its creation, the ORBIS Group has been investing in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach that takes into account not only the development and performance considerations, but also the societal and environmental aspects of its activities.
In order to integrate social concerns at the heart of its strategy and development, the ORBIS Group has adopted a CSR approach to take into account social impacts in the company’s activities, both internally and externally. The values of CSR are thus placed at the heart of our development.

As part of this process, the Group is working to:

  • Support the life projects of employees
  • Strengthen the ORBIS community through various events and leisureoffers for employees and their families
  • Find a balance between private and professional life
  • Protect the health of employees (health insurance and complementary, supplementary pension)
  • Raise awareness about respect for the environment.